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Garage Doors | Photos, Tips, and Product Information

East Nashville TN Garage Door Service

May 24, 2017 9:45:37 AM

If you are looking for unique new garage doors that will make your house stand out on the block, we can help you get increased curb appeal. Offering free estimates and answers to your questions, All Four Seasons Garage Door Service in East Nashville can come over to your residence and show you a variety of options that will add to the look of your residence and greatly improve the resale return on investment of your home when you get ready to move and sell your home.

Professional Service

Whether you have a small or large garage door project the first thing to do is find a qualified garage door repairman. Always ask for the techniques used and check scheduling appointments that work best for you. Great customer service is the number one strong point any garage door repair service company must have. Recommendations are the best method and key to getting your garage door successfully repaired.

Make sure you get some references from the garage door repair company you will be hiring. Also, in order to get your garage door to make your home look more distinct you need to get a new door with a smoother and quieter operation than the one you currently have. Our pros will always give free estimates and schedule the service based upon your availability and can answer any questions you may have for your job.

Qualified Staff

The garage door, for many homes, is the main entrance to the house. It should be in a safe and working condition at all times. Your family’s well-being depends on a first-rate functioning, solid garage door. Only use a garage door repairman with outstanding qualifications and experience.

All our professionals are trained to follow specific guidelines ensuring that the customer will receive quality service. Our company will match you with a skilled crew member who specializes in your project needs and has had hours of training. All broken garage door repairs will be done within the given time allotted by our honest technicians at affordable prices.

We are a leader in providing our customers with quality garage door services in a prompt and urgent manner on a 24/7 basis. Just call our company and we will send out a professional inspector who will give you an onsite quote and estimate regarding your particular need and installation.

The  garage doors we offer are suitable to every homeowner and are made of high-quality, durable materials. We put customer service and convenience as our number one priority.

Here are some of the things we offer:

Access to major garage door brands and designs
Customized features depending on the type of residence
We make sure the garage door we offer will fit into your budget
Answer any questions you may have and explain everything we do

Accurate Delivery and Installation

Certified garage door parts specialists will repair old garage doors and install new ones in your home within a matter of a couple hours, so that you can go about your daily business in no time. Our pros can also show you the most cost-effective manner in which they will complete the installation. If you are on a specific budget we offer discounts. We take into consideration your safety as a priority when quoting you a price for your repair or new garage door installation.

When you need to have a garage door replaced or a panel repaired, or need to get the garage door maintained or fixed do not attempt to do it yourself. Call us. You can count on our company to do a thorough job with no hidden costs. We guarantee our clients’ total satisfaction on all our products and services.
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A Garage Burglary Story

May 17, 2017 10:38:13 AM

Recently my neighbors down the street had their home broken into. It happened during the day while most of the neighborhood was at work or school. The burglar managed to get away with thousands of dollars of electronics and jewelry. Fortunately, nothing was taken that cannot be replaced, and my neighbors' homeowner insurance will cover the loss.

Experiencing an invasion of one's home can be devastating especially when you believe you've taken every precaution to keep it from happening. After discovering the burglary, my neighbors quickly called the police. It did not take officers long to discover the point of entry, which took them and the entire neighborhood by surprise. The burglar had gotten in through the garage doors. The officers explained how this was quickly becoming a problem. The garage offers cover from being seen, and from there, they can figure out how to get inside the home.

People seldom give their garage doors much thought when considering securing their home. They're big, heavy, and after all, most garage doors require a remote. Unfortunately, the truth is garage doors are a prime target entry for burglars.

The evening of the robbery, I looked online to see if there was anything about burglars using garage doors to gain entry into a home. Just the number of videos alone showing potential burglars how to enter through garage doors was astonishing. Using a simple wire coat hanger, burglars are able to manipulate the wire through a very tiny crack and release the emergency lever. It's that easy. I began to think of my other neighbors, not to mention so many innocent homeowners across the country, that do not give the security of their garage doors a second thought.

I decided that I, and my neighbors, needed to be aware of how to properly secure our entire home, not just our front and back door. I quickly researched tips to better secure my own garage doors and shared it with my neighbors. Now, I'd like to share it with you. I hope you find it helpful.

If you keep your garage remote inside of your car and park outside of the garage, always lock your car.

A simple way to keep burglars from using their latest technique on your garage doors is by placing a zip tie around the emergency lever and the track. If an emergency arose where you needed to use the lever, you could simply cut it free.

If your garage door has a keypad outside, clean it often. And, if possible, consider covering it so that it doesn't stand out.

If your garage doors have windows, you can cover them or simply spray frost them so that a potential burglar cannot see if your car is inside.

When considering a security system for the entire house, include your garage doors.

If possible, make sure your garage doors are well lit. A well lit home often deters burglars.

Always lock the door from the garage into your home. Homeowners often believe that since they think their garage is safe, there's no need to lock that door. In reality, it just makes it easier for burglars. A deadbolt placed on that door would be a great idea as well.

Keep communication open with your neighbors. Let them know if you're going out of town and whether or not you're expecting anyone to come by.

Last, you know your home better than anyone. Look around and ask yourself how you would break in if you had to. You may see something that needs your attention.

All Four Seasons Garage Doors Garage Door Installation Bellevue TN- a great solution to all your garage door needs and issues. Call us today at 615-274-8419 or click on us: All Four Seasons Garage Doors Garage Door Installation Bellevue TN
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How to Choose a Garage Door for Your Business in Forest Hills

May 10, 2017 1:23:52 PM

Some features need to be put into consideration when selecting the suitable type of a commercial garage door. Factors to consider include thermal efficiency, security concerns, and window space for adequate light and visibility purposes. This article will take you through the different types of commercial garage doors available in the market together with their desirable features.

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The Hidden Dangers Of Neglected Garage Doors

May 3, 2017 1:38:36 PM

The majority of homes have an attached or stand alone garage. Not many people are actually conscious of maintaining their garages, though. This can lead to major issues, even accidents or injuries if left undone. Here are some of the general maintenance issues that go overlooked. Safety and reliability of your garage doors Vinings GA are more important than many would think.

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All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Smyrna GA | Doors for Businesses

Nov 16, 2016 2:33:34 PM

Commercial Garage Doors

Here in the Southland, especially in Smyrna, GA large commercial establishments are faced with many challenges most of which are partly beyond the control of business owners such as theft, fire, accidents, calamity, and depreciation. All these are factors that can affect the operation of any business. If your business is related to the auto industry, logistics, or anything that requires a systematic warehousing, you will probably need the appropriate commercial garage doors to safeguard your fleet or stored items.

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Choosing Doors for Your Business | Garage Door Service Woodstock, GA

Oct 26, 2016 12:32:33 PM

Choosing commercial garage doors for your business project can be a challenge considering the variety of choices available. Here is what to consider.

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Storing Your Vehicles in Style

Oct 21, 2016 10:01:29 AM

A lot of people only think of a garage as as a place to store vehicles and possibly items that are too big to properly fit into a house. However, it is one of the first things that people see when they pull up to a house and where they get their first impression of your house. For this reason, the design of a garage and its door should receive special consideration. It is essential that the right door be selected for a garage. There are suggestions to consider when looking for a new garage door. The proper material for your climate is one thing to consider when getting a new garage door.

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Professional Repair | Garage Door Installation Suwanee GA

Oct 13, 2016 4:01:57 PM


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Break-In Protection | Garage Door Security Sugar Hill GA

Oct 7, 2016 12:55:07 PM

A garage is often one of the most interesting places within a home. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the case for the average homeowner. It's of course the place where a beloved car will be stored. But it's also quite often the setting for art projects, home repair, and an assortment of other fun ideas. These all make for interesting discussions in and of themselves. But there's one person that shouldn't find a garage interesting. And that's a home intruder.

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When Not to Do it Yourself | Garage Door Repair Sandy Springs GA

Sep 28, 2016 10:58:19 AM

Garage Door Repair Sandy Springs GA

A garage door is an essential and most movable part of your house. It makes several trips up and down during the day. This movement results to wear and tear of the moving main parts of the garage door. If consistent and frequent servicing is not done, your garage door certainly becomes dangerous. It may fail or break down, if it fails, a lot of damage could ensue. Your vehicle could get damaged and possibly beyond repair. It can even be fatal if it happens that by the time your garage door fails or falls, you or your children are below it. Indeed, it will lead to fatal accidents or even death. It has been known to happen right here in Sandy Springs GA!

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