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Diagnose and Repair Tips for Noisy Garage Doors

Apr 21, 2014 10:42:00 AM

garage doors Atlanta GAA garage door is very complex. There can be many reasons why the door is making the noises that it does. The door will make noise especially when metal is moving against metal. So let's explore why your garage door might be making the noises that it does.


What type do you have? Depending on the type of door you own, it might make more noise than some of the others will. The chain-drive garage door opener is a prime example. It's one of the more inexpensive ones, but it also tends to make more noise. On the plus side, it's a lot sturdier than most, and it will survive in all types of weather. Then there is the belt-drive door opener. It's sturdy too, but it also produces the least amount of noise. Find out who installed the garage door and talk to them. That might give some indication as to why the noise is there. Also, check the warranty on your garage door opener or garage doors to see if you need repair. You might get some free service bases on the warranty! For example, All Four Seasons Garage Doors offers extensive warranties on all their garage doors and openers, on top of the manufacturer warranty.


I know that this is all common sense, but you would be surprised how many don't think of this. Garage doors have rollers that carry the door along it's railing. Like everything else in life, these rollers are bound to become worn. It happens and it's all completely natural. The more worn down the rollers are, the more noise your garage doors will make. You might also want to check the hinges, the nuts and the bolts. Hinges need to be replaced and/or lubricated every so often. This might also be something to look into. What about the nuts and bolts? Are they loose? Or are they snug? If they have come loose, you might want to think about tightening them up again.


If your door is unbalanced, even just slightly, this will also give rise to the amount of noise you hear. To check the balance, just pull down on the red emergency cord. If this test fails, than your door is not balanced correctly. And I would suggest not fixing it yourself. Hire a professional to come out and look at it for you. Some of these minor things you can do all on your own. But for balancing the door, you need a handyman.


That is always a possibility. There could be a major problem within the drive unit itself. Some of the sprockets, gears and spring coils may have become worn down. Some of the roller bearings might have actually broken off, without you knowing it. For this, you definitely need a professional. The more complex and dangerous the repair job is, the more dangerous it will be for you. Please don't attempt to do it yourself. For one, you could end up hurt. And for another, you might end up making the situation worse. Find your local handyman in the phonebook or online, and call them.

Fixing the noise level of a garage door is like any other home repair job. And you need to be careful. Before attempting to do anything, be honest about your abilities. If there is something that you know you can't handle, call someone to fix it for you.

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