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Garage Doors | Photos, Tips, and Product Information

Choosing Doors for Your Business | Garage Door Service Woodstock, GA

Oct 26, 2016 12:32:33 PM

Choosing commercial garage doors for your business project can be a challenge considering the variety of choices available. Here is what to consider.

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Storing Your Vehicles in Style

Oct 21, 2016 10:01:29 AM

A lot of people only think of a garage as as a place to store vehicles and possibly items that are too big to properly fit into a house. However, it is one of the first things that people see when they pull up to a house and where they get their first impression of your house. For this reason, the design of a garage and its door should receive special consideration. It is essential that the right door be selected for a garage. There are suggestions to consider when looking for a new garage door. The proper material for your climate is one thing to consider when getting a new garage door.

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Professional Repair | Garage Door Installation Suwanee GA

Oct 13, 2016 4:01:57 PM


Did you know that after six to eight years parts of your garage door will start to wear out and even break? An unmaintained garage door can collapse damaging your vehicle or injuring anyone in its way. Your garage door is probably the biggest moving equipment inside your home, when properly maintained it provides safety and security for your belongings and your family. But, every year thousands of children are injured by poorly maintained garage doors. It's very important that you keep up the maintenance on your garage door, for the safety of your property and more importantly your family.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission States that a typical garage door in an American home weighs more than 500 pounds. Can you imagine the damage that could cause to your vehicle? Or your child? There are many reasons why a garage door can collapse, ranging from broken or old springs, an inappropriate disconnect of the pull cord with individuals within the door’s paths, flawed installation, a bad track or different extenuating circumstances. It's important to always have your garage door repaired by a professional, like the friendly staff at All Four Seasons Garage Door Installation Suwanee GA.

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Smart Saving Space Tips for Your Garage | Garage Doors Marietta GA

Sep 2, 2014 4:58:00 PM

Are you looking for ways to save space around the house? This also extends to out garage. Our garage is probably the one place that also happens to be the most cluttered. Reason why? We put all of our crap in there! Duh! There’s nothing worse than realizing you desperately need to find something that might be somewhere in the garage, such the remote for your garage doors Marietta GA!

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Tips to Ensure Safe Garage Door Operation | Garage Doors Alpharetta

Aug 12, 2014 3:55:00 PM

Automatic garage doors are so convenient and easy to operate that they have become the most popular type for new homes and replacement garage door projects. It pays to remember that a garage door is generally the single heaviest item which is capable of movement in any home. This gives it a great potential to cause accident, injury or death if it is in poor repair, has been damaged in some way, or is misused in any way. A garage door can be particularly dangerous to children. Here are some great tips for garage door safety.

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Sell Your House Faster by Investing in Garage Doors! | Atlanta, GA

Jul 31, 2014 9:09:00 AM

Potential home buyers do not exactly want to deal with problems or expenses when they purchase property. Within reason, most homeowners just want to move in and be done with everything. Some might be interested n remodeling or enhancing the property based on their own personal wants and requirements. What people do not like to do is invest money on costly repairs or improvements that could otherwise be avoided. This is why having new and properly functioning garage doors at the home should never be dismissed. Effectively functioning doors on the garage just might contribute to being able to sell the property a lot quicker. 

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How to Prevent Flood Damage | Garage Doors, Atlanta GA

Jul 18, 2014 4:20:00 PM

If you live in a flood-prone neighborhood, it's important to learn how to prevent costly water damage because most standard homeowner's insurance do not cover flood damage. It's not only coastal areas in Georgia that are subject to flooding, anyone living near a lake, stream or river is at risk. You don't have to deny yourself the tranquility of living in a waterfront home; there are several steps you can take to avoid major damage to your home in the event of a flood. 

A body of water that overflows its banks is not the only way floods occur. A heavy rain is enough to cause damage to basements if the rainwater cannot drain away from your home quickly enough. When landscaping, use plants and shrubs near your home that prevent soil erosion and fill in any low-lying spots where water can accumulate and seep into your basement. 

Preventing flood damage starts at the exterior of your home. It's better to keep water out than it is to pump out the water once it's inside your home. Flood-proof garage doors Atlanta GA and waterproof coatings for exterior walls go a long way in preventing water from entering your home, stopping flooding before it starts. 

If you live in a flood-prone area, consider moving your HVAC equipment out of your basement. It's much easier to waterproof a ground floor room and most homeowners can find enough room in their garage for a furnace, fuel tank or a hot water heater. With an exterior veneer that resists water and flood-proof garage doors Atlanta GA, your expensive HVAC equipment will stay dry when your basement floods. It's also safer to keep fuel tanks out of the basement; you could miss noticing a ruptured fuel line during a flood in your basement, putting your whole family at risk. In addition, move your washer and dryer to your garage or inside your home if possible. If you cannot find the space, build a platform to elevate the appliances. 

If you live in a flood zone, install a backflow valve on your sewer line to prevent contaminated water from backing up into your home's water supply. You should also keep an emergency kit handy that includes potable water if flooding is common in your locale. 

Commonsense tips include keeping any important documents, such as your deed, insurance policies and birth certificates, in a fire-proof, water-proof box. If any disaster threatens your home, you won't have time to hunt for documents you cannot easily replace. 
During times of severe flooding, local authorities may ask you to evacuate your home. Having an evacuation plan will ensure you can get out quickly with everything you'll need. 

Often, people asked to evacuate their home hesitate, putting themselves and rescuers at risk. Always follow evacuation orders; if your home is as flood-proof as possible, you won't have to worry about what's happening to your home while you're at an emergency shelter. Investing in a waterproof veneer for your exterior walls and flood-proof garage doors Atlanta GA will give you peace-of-mind, as will knowing you have already moved HVAC equipment and appliances out of your basement where they could be ruined by rising water.

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Garage Doors - Quality vs. Price | Atlanta GA

Jul 16, 2014 4:40:00 PM

Affordability is one of the most important things to look for in a product. But there are times when cheaper prices compromise the quality of product, and most importantly the quality of service.

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Careful! Garage Doors & Kids Don't Mix | Atlanta, GA

Jun 27, 2014 4:51:00 PM

Maintaining a garage door system on a home is important for many reasons. For practical use, having a functioning garage door is important for a home and its inhabitants to protect against inclement or weather extremes. Additionally, a functioning garage door is essential for safety, especially for children.

There are many types of garage doors today, and the conveniences they bring to the average homeowner is important. Over time as with all home appliances, a garage door opener may malfunction, have a worn out track, or get jammed. In these cases getting the garage door repaired is the best solution to add years onto the life of the garage door.

This can be especially important when it comes to safety. Since garage doors can malfunction over time, addressing the issue with proper garage door repairs can help ward off potential accident hazards. A garage door is a particularly heavy object and if it malfunctions it can cause injury quickly. In some cases, garage door malfunctioning can cause injuries that can be life threatening. This can be a cause of great concern for people of all ages. However, children are often the most vulnerable for this type of problem and hazard. Part of this is due to a child's natural curiosity and their tendencies to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

In addition to a malfunctioning garage door tracks, or jammed doors, other problems can arise that can cause hazards for children. Some of these are simply from playing with the door itself. In fact, children who get caught playing with garage door remote openers can often be found to be the culprit of many injuries that are sustained by children. For this reason it is very important that all garage door remote controls be kept out the reach of children. 

A child can easily think that a remote control garage door opener is a fun toy to play with and parents may get caught up in their daily lives and not pay much attention to the situation. Like a TV or stereo remote control, a child may find fascination with what it can potentially do. Because it can make a garage door open and close with the push of a button, it can bring a sense of magic for a child. However, this can often be when accidents and injury can occur. Constantly opening and closing garage doors can put added strain on a garage door opener and cause it to malfunction. This in turn can cause damage to the garage door track, the motor components as well as causing injury.

In order to avoid this potential problem there are a few important safety factors that should be followed when it comes to garage door safety.

First, a garage door and it's opener, should be checked approximately every 6 months for proper functioning. This process is not complicated and usually means simply taking the extra time to observe the garage door as it opens and closes. Getting up on a chair or small step stool, or short ladder to be close enough to watch the gears as the door moves along the track is important to ensure it is moving correctly on track. If any malfunctions appear, this often would be the first place they would be noticeable. If this occurs, getting a garage door repair would be best addressed at this time before the problem becomes more significant and costly to repair. In addition, all debris from around the track around the ceiling and wall should be removed.

Second, all remotes should be kept in a safe place away from the reach of children, including those that are attached to a set of keys. This will ensure that children do not use the garage door as a toy and continue to push on the door opener causing the gears to wear and possibly malfunction. Children should also always be encouraged to stay away from the garage door when in motion, and they should be told that the door and the opener are not toys and if they malfunction they could get hurt.

Lastly, garage door opener buttons should be installed at a high enough level so children, especially, young children cannot access the opener button. While remotes can often be the culprit of young children playing with the garage door, the wall mounted button can be a hazard as well. Wall opener buttons should be place at adult height levels for the protection of all home inhabitants.

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Do You Know All the Types of Garage Doors? | Atlanta, GA

Jun 26, 2014 4:38:00 PM

There are several types of garage doors, as well as different materials from which they are constructed. The most common types of garage doors are roll-up, up-and-over, swing/carriage and sectional. Each garage door type has specific elements that make them suitable for different types of garages: function and accessibility should be considered when determining the most suitable garage door.

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