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Garage Doors | Photos, Tips, and Product Information

Door Life Expectancy | Garage Door Service Brentwood TN

Aug 25, 2016 1:32:33 PM

Garage Door Service Brentwood TN

"Best if used by..."--this phrase is common on many household items. The intent is that products have a finite "life" span of which the consumer needs to be aware. This helps the homeowner make wise purchasing decisions and prudent plans for the future. Unfortunately, expiration dates are not stamped on other parts of the home and many times a person is surprised when a furnace, faucet, or fixture has failed due to "old age." The garage door and its related hardware is one example of a waiting "surprise" for the unwitting homeowner, who may never plan to replace this largest moving part in his home. Yet, if an individual is aware of the "life expectancy" of a garage door, he or she can better plan for replacement/repair and avoid unpleasant "surprises."

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Garage Door Risks and Prevention|Garage Door Service Cumming GA

Oct 21, 2015 8:04:02 PM

All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Cumming GA

A large number of injuries that happen at home can be related to garage doors and garage door safety. Many times, the injuries happen to children under the age of 14. In order to prevent these injuries from happening, it is important to recognize the known dangers commonly associated with garage doors.

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Getting More out of Your Garage Door | Garage Door Service Hiram, GA

Feb 11, 2015 10:01:00 AM

Choosing and Purchasing Garage Doors

Garage Door Service Hiram, GA

Your home should be as unique as you are. A safe haven from the world, your home should reflect your personality. Both aluminum and wood garage doors can be good options, depending on your needs as a homeowner. If you prefer a garage door that is lightweight, and requires very little upkeep, an aluminum door can suit your needs. Wooden garage doors complement older homes rather nicely.

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Garage Door Options | Garage Door Service Buford GA

Jan 26, 2015 9:28:00 AM

Garage doors account for a large portion of your home's exterior. Thus, you need to choose a door that will boost the curb appeal. Consider investing in a new door to increase the security, comfort and value of your home. Here are a few steps you need to follow when looking for garage door interiors.

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Fix up your Garage Interior| Garage Door Service Hiram GA

Jan 21, 2015 9:57:36 AM

Garage Doors and the Interior of Your Garage

Your garage is perhaps one of the most often forgotten parts of your home. In most cases, we rarely clean this area, have a hard time keeping things straight there, and do nothing more than come in and out to park our cars. Though the main function of the garage is to keep your cars and other items stored, it can do so much more.

Finishing the interior of your garage can do a lot for both the garage, the ways that you can use the space, and the overall resale value of your home after you finish the project. There are a few different factors to consider when finishing or even considering finishing a garage and it is important to keep these factors in mind before you start or complete any project.

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Valentine's Day in the Garage | Garage Door Service Powder Springs GA

Jan 16, 2015 1:42:27 PM

Valentine's day is a holiday that can be very fun for couples who are looking to spoil their partner. It is a day out of the year where you can be just as romantic as you want and really go all out with those romantic gestures. There are many individuals out there who are looking to really create an amazing Valentine's day, but they don't want to spend a fortune. There are indeed ways to have a very romantic Valentine's Day without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

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Maintain Your Garage Door | Garage Door Service East Cobb, GA

Jan 14, 2015 2:09:08 PM

Garage Door Service East Cobb, GA

Garage doors come in different styles and sizes; most of these doors can open manually or electronically, using a motor. The doors are made from varying materials using different technologies to ensure safety. The most common garage door construction materials include; Steel, vinyl, wood, fiber glass and composite materials. Among these materials, wood is the most popular. Despite its relative steep cost, most builders and homeowners like wooden doors, because they are strong and secure compared to other materials, wood is also a good natural insulator.

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